Dentonite Recap of 2018

Happy first week of the new year! You did it - you made it to Friday. As we head into (read: get dragged against our will) 2019, there are several things I’d like to reflect on from 2018 with this publication. First, I’d like to thank every staff member, contributor and intern that took a chance on us. I became Editor-in-Chief back in late August and the passing of the torch has been hairy, but also incredible. I’m touched by everyone who trusted me as their editor in 2018 and will trust me into 2019. I’m even more grateful for everyone who trusted me - us - to share or receive their information.

As we still work internally on the stability of this business, there are so many things that are showing promise for that footing. We are about set up about a Patreon page where our audience and supporters can contribute monthly donations to go towards keeping our website’s lights on and paying our staff and contributors that in return will allow us to incentivize for quality and diverse content. 

We are looking for opportunities to collaborate for ads that help us do the same thing. We have brought on quite a few editors and are still looking to fill some more spots to have a full and impassioned team through 2019. (Email me if you are interested in the arts editor position or contributing in general.)

There are so many ideas in the works that have 2019 looking like one of the most pivotal years for The Dentonite and I can’t wait to experience it with you all. It’s going to be a lot of work, dedication and accountability but I hope the Denton community and The Dentonite can continue to trust and support each other in a way we haven’t seen in this town before. With all of that being said, Happy New Year,  theydies and gentlethems!

Readership Stats

Our Facebook “fans” are 65% “women” and 38% “men” (excludes nonbinary and gender noncomforming people.)

We had more than 236,000 page views in 2018. 65% of traffic comes from mobile devices. About 24% of our traffic is direct (people going directly to, 32% is picked up off of Google, and another 32% comes in from Facebook.

We generated more than 47,500 clicks and more than 2.8 million impressions from Google search in 2018.

Our top searched word on the website is “DAM” followed by “dam awards” followed by “mural.”


In 2018, we had 25 interns go through our internship program.

We have currently sent out 14 offer letters for interns in the Spring semester!

DAM Awards

Record breaking attendance at the 2nd annual DAM Awards last February reaching past the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center 400 people capacity. Join us again this year on Feb. 15, 2019!  Event page for 3rd Annual DAM Awards.

Voter Registration

In partnership with Students for Increased Voter Participation, we held a series of events geared toward energizing and encouraging young people in Denton to get registered to vote then follow through at the polls. Events like our Voter Revolution event in September with S4VIP and Spiderweb Salon led us to registering roughly 25+ people this past fall.

Most Read Content of 2018 

#1 Breaking News: Shots Fired During Show at Andy's -

#2 The Cupboard Set to Close After More Than 50 Years in Denton

# 3 On Sexual Assault At Jagoe House

#4 - Bystander Intervention: Mellow Mushroom Manager Stops Intimate Partner Violence

#5 - BREAKING NEWS: Truck Crashes Into Recycled Books

#6 - Free Play Arcade is Coming to Denton

#7 - Badass Women/Femmes of Denton

#8 - In The Works: 24-Hour LGBTQ Cafe in Downtown

#9 - Dating in Denton: Ugh.

#10 - Demand for Krispy Krunchy Chicken at UNT to Close Rises Amidst Racial Slur

#11 - Beloved Downtown Mini Mall Set for Demolition

#12 - Aaron Newquist Responds to Backlash on Campaign Mailers

#13 - Open Letter to James A. Mann: Are you really newsworthy enough for a monthly column?

#14 - Denton's First Black Owned Beauty Supply Store Turns One

#15 Vegan Bat Girl Shines Her Symbol Across Denton's Wells Fargo Building

Header image courtesy of Crazy nana on Unsplash.

Header design by Tori Falcon.