Demand for Krispy Krunchy Chicken at UNT to Close Rises Amidst Racial Slur

Early Wednesday, attorney Justin Moore posted a statement on Facebook demanding that the Krispy Krunchy Chicken restaurant at the University of North Texas be closed.

"If Krispy Krunchy Chicken continues to exist on the UNT's campus amid such an egregious act then student safety is clearly not a priority," Moore wrote in his statement. 

Moore is an attorney obtained by UNT communications major Chelsea Shaw after her receipt from Krispy Krunchy Chicken included a racial slur in place of the cashier ID, which she was handed after purchasing her lunch there on Tuesday afternoon. The employee has since been terminated. Update: According to the North Texas Daily, Executive Director of Retail Dining Services Bill McNeace said it was a cook who typed in the ID.

Shortly after Tuesday's incident, Shaw tweeted a picture of the reciept along with the caption "I need answers..." Shaw also tweeted that she voiced her concerns to the UNT Dining Management in person and said they did not do anything.

Shaw tagged Neal Smatresk, President of UNT, in the thread of her original tweet and tweeted a separate tweet stating she wanted to talk to him directly. He responded by saying they had identified the employee and took immediate action in terminating them. He also said he would be happy to meet with the student.

UNT Dining tweeted in response to the receipt as well.

 The Dentonite obtained a copy of the email Smatresk sent out campus-wide Wednesday afternoon where he identifies the former employee as the same race as Shaw. 


This story is developing.

Edited at 3:28 PM to include Smatresk’s UNT-wide email.