BREAKING NEWS: Truck Crashes Into Recycled Books

A truck jumped the curb right through Recycled Book Store's window Thursday afternoon. 

No one was injured. The damage is not substantial besides a broken window and impact to the outer wall next to the front door. 

"If I'd been standing there, I'd be dead," said Recording Artist Kent Crawford who parked his bike in the crash zone seconds before.

According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, the driver said he accelerated instead of hitting the breaks while parked outside.

There was a cart of books for sale outside the window that was also struck.

Crawford said the driver of a 2012 white F150 left the scene in okay condition and a couple grand damage to his vehicle. 

"I didn't see it, but I heard a loud crash," said Cole Dalton, a bookseller at Recycled.

Dalton said there is no permanent damage.

"Six people have already joked about us having a drive-thru," said Anne Casey, a bookseller at Recycled who just missed the crash.

Police left before they could be reached for comment.

The story is developing.


This post was updated to include information from Denton Record-Chronicle's article on the accident.

At around 8:30 p.m. it was seen that Denton Glass Company had already replaced the window and added plywood to the building damage.




Photos by Estelle Dailey.
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