Breaking News: Shots Fired During Show at Andy's

Updated at 6:05 PM to include a statement from the venue.

A fight turned into gun shots during a show at Andy’s Bar in Downtown Denton around 1:30 a.m., according to Denton PD.

The free show called Dum Fest Virgobash Edition featured hip hop artists like AV The Great and Gashousesmitty, but came to a stop when an altercation inside the venue resulted in gunfire.

A car of four fleeing the scene was stopped by police. Two people with non-life threatening gun shot wounds were transported to a Denton hospital and two were arrested as police found narcotics and firearms in the car, said Denton Police public relations officer, Bryan Cose.

Photographer Christopher Thomas was with his girlfriend when the altercation started.

They were at the bar and heard one shot before everyone ran out. As they reached the other side of the street, they heard about three to four more shots ring out.

“I believe it was a problem beforehand and I guess it was brought to Denton,” said Thomas.

Thomas who has been active in the Denton hip-hop scene for years hopes this doesn’t impact the image of the community.

“I really hope more hip-hop shows still happen in Denton for the culture. It’s not fair to everybody,” Thomas said. “Compared to Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, the Denton hip-hop scene is thriving. It would suck for this incident to bring it all down.”

Denton PD have not arrested anyone else for the shooting, and it is still an active investigation.

Andy’s Bar made a statement on Facebook earlier this afternoon.