Beloved Downtown Mini Mall Set for Demolition

The Downtown Mini Mall could be demolished as soon as next Tuesday, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle.

City spokesperson Jessica Rogers told The Dentonite that the owners of the Mini Mall were given multiple options. “Staff communicated with them about opportunities to preserve the wall. They also had the right to take it down, so they chose that route,” Rogers said. 

The building is not considered a historic landmark, according to a staff report to the Mayor and City Council. The report also states that “the property owner does not have limitations or requirements to go before the Historic Landmark Commission, nor does the City have cause to prevent or delay the demolition of the building.”

Leo Will, the owner of Denton Mini Mall, chose Tactical Demolition, a company out of Prosper, to level the charred remains after a cataclysmic fire destroyed the insides just after Christmas last year.

“They’ve scheduled about seven days total for the work,” stated Rogers. The contractor said that they were going to suspend operations over the weekend to not disrupt business on the square. 

This story is developing. 

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