STREAM: Sunbuzzed EP

From the very first track, Sunbuzzed's self-titled EP transports the listener into a world very much like that of the album art. Surreal, spooky and teeming with driven rhythmic and harmonic lines, the EP (released early November) delivers a 7-track album perfect for every psych-rock fan's favorite activities: putting patches on different leather jackets, sitting in a coffee shop looking over your shoulder waiting for your arch nemesis to show up, or late night drives to Taco Bell. 

The EP opens up with the high-impact, high-energy track "Future," and lead vocalist/guitarist Lo Ramirez's voice is immediately reminiscent of heavily-'verbed 80s songstresses - in fact, the entire album has a distinct feeling of gated reverb, giving each track a cave-like ambiance. The next track "Creepin" is similar in feel, but ultimately more driven in its composition. The intrigue here comes from a juxtaposition between the fast but lilting drums, and an undyingly persistent guitar line to counter Ramirez' floating vocals - towards the center of the song, things slow down a bit and an absolutely haunting guitar line is featured. The third track, "River Gypsy" is more ominous - the drums slow down considerably, and as the previous track name had intimated, the band now creeps along, exploring every facet of spook and psych possible.

The rest of EP is just as florid and intriguing - the production value is A1, and every member of 4-piece band gives equally to achieve a unique sound. You can find the Dentonite's in-depth review of the EP's fourth track "Sylvia" here, but more importantly you can find Sunbuzzed and support their music here.

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Mallory Frenza