STREAM: Sunbuzzed "Sylvia"

Denton's own psychedelic bruja coven known as Sunbuzzed has appropriately released their new single "Sylvia" on Halloween. Dark and exciting, "Sylvia" is what would play in one's mind during a bloody escape from a haunted graveyard. A gargled, simple intro garners emotional interest before Cari Elizondo’s lead guitar hooks the listener in.

Keys from Daniel Serrano provide spooky riffs that layer in with subdued drumming and loose high hat crashes — all by Ellie Alonzo — that perfectly accentuate throaty vocals by Lo Ramirez. When Ramirez’s screaming starts, it's easy to shout right along with her.

The song slows and loosens up with screeching guitar and delightfully disturbing vocal layers, so that the last minute or so it feels like the sounds are reverberating directly from within the mind — filling the space of inexplicable whisperings with your own imagination.

Best described as eerie garage thrash rock, Sunbuzzed delivers their signature sound on this track and promises to stay true with their first full release.

"Sylvia" is the second single from Sunbuzzed, released in advance of their debut album, which will be released this Saturday, November 4. The release will be celebrated with a show at Andy's Bar. For more info, check out the Facebook event.

Header image courtesy of Sunbuzzed
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