STREAM: The Polarity "Ornament"

Just in time for the holidays, The Polarity has released a new single called “Ornament”. Get your hot cocoa ready as the warming indie pop sounds fade in and out of this song mystically, like Christmas lights that are flickering in the boughs of a Christmas tree. The song talks about the beauty of the holidays, and the meaningfulness of many holidays takeaways for families and friends alike.

The song has a calming, mystical but soothing beat that represents the beauty of the glorious Christmas tree, stately and tall. It talks about love being the reason for the holidays -- a reminder of how important it can be to be next to someone you care about and love on the holidays.

The narrator within this song is hung on an ornament that he keeps coming back to for love on the holiday season even though he had previously messed things up. He is looking for more than what he has; he wants more than just hanging on to an ornament that lights up the room.  He had something to believe in with this person, but now it is just the takeaways of the holiday season that keep him coming back.     

This song is a journey of electronic beats, mimicking spinning sounds, which are are hidden under layering flickering sounds. This is definitely a nice listen; if you're missing a lost love, or just feeling sentimental this holiday season as the year ends, let yourself be taken in by the beautiful sounds of The Polarity`s new single “Ornament” released right in time for the holidays -- add it to your holiday playlist on Spotify.

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Robert Warren