DAM AWARDS 2018: Best Indie Rock Act

Denton has a ton to offer when it comes to music, and you might find yourself wondering where to start your listening journey. The five nominees for indie/rock act are friendly to every ear, bringing textured and thoughtful instrumentation and melodic vocals to any and every stage in the city and beyond. 


Fishboy has been around for nearly 20 years. They've seen enough metamorphoses to be a
Denton music staple and keep changing their sound. The group, founded and fronted by Eric Michener, released the album Art Guards in 2017. The album seamlessly links 9 different characters, a testament to keeping art near and dear. You can start anywhere in Fishboy’s life and find a different indie rock sound to love.


The winners of the 2017 DAM award for Debut Album, Nakamara has only continued their trajectory from last year. Their self-titled debut is the result of jam sessions tested at house shows that are melded into a fun, inward look into the group itself. To see how far this trio has come, check out the decidedly existential “Dopamine.”

Pearl Earl

If you didn’t know you needed psychedelic pop rock in your life, Pearl Earl is here to make it clear that you do. These ladies were the 2017 DAM award winners for indie/rock act, and this was before the release of their dreamy self-titled album. It’s an ethereal yet punky ride with these four talented ladies, an album that fits just as well in a house party as it does in a spacious performance venue.

Sad Cops

Sometimes you find an album so introspective and vulnerable, but rarely is it so captivating and thoughtful. Enter Sad Cops. Their 2016 release Liam Murphy Holt chronicles the title character and his delusions - a two-year work in progress from singer Grayson Harris that is at once driven in its instrumental execution and poignant, lyrical storytelling. 


Sunbuzzed’s sound is a constant garage Halloween party. The seven tracks from their self-titled album is a weirdly harmonious mix of spooky and dreamy, heavy yet approachable. My sister overheard “Creepin’” while I wrote this, and without knowing the band or song, said, “This sounds like a cool, superhero theme song. It’s creepy cool.” The whole album achieves that haunting, driven sound, and it seems like it’s a sound that appeals to all. 

Header image courtesy of Pearl Earl
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