And The Nominees Are...

As 2017 comes to an end, we are looking back on all of the great offerings Dentonites have provided to enhance the town's culture. From punk shows at convenience stores to burlesque shows Downtown; Denton is not only alive and well, it has also been quite busy this year.

The 2nd Annual DAM Awards include 33 Music categories and 25 Arts & Community categories for a grand total of (did you already do the math?) 58 categories. The categories were decided upon by peers within the community. Once we had our categories, we sent emails out to a bunch of local music and art aficionados for them to help us build the ballot. After tallying all the nominations and consulting with leaders in each category, we have a solid ballot for you.

The Denton Arts & Music Awards are a way for us to further celebrate the current culture in Denton. We are proud to have the opportunity to not only regularly cover the local music & art scene, but to also honor some of the best of the best. As of December 21, 2017, The Dentonite has published more than 390 articles covering everything from local and state politics to new music in Denton, and a whole lot in between. 

Our readership is up 65% from last year. We are still 100% volunteer run. Our leadership is still majority female driven (and we are all extremely grateful for our Editor-in-Chief, Mateo Granados). In 2018 we will be rolling out a new site design and focusing on funding our contributor's efforts by selling ads and seeking private investors. 

Without further ado, your 2018 Denton Arts & Music Awards Nominees. 

Music Nominees

Classical Musician

Tim Courtney
Alexander Gillen
Michael Kokkinakis
Jennifer Lane
John Scott

Country/Americana Act

Isaac Hoskins
Kim Nall & The Fringe
Levi Cobb & The Big Smoke
Matt Grigsby 
Platos Theory


Lofty Beats
DJ Mike Vivid 
DJ Party McFly 
Sanford Black
DJ Spinn Mo


Izzy the Kidd
Juicy the Emissary
Kind Beats
Lofty Beats
Ritchy Flo

Electronic Act

Felt & Fur 
Ghost Memories

Experimental Act

Flesh Narc
Heavy Baby Sea Slugs
The Octopod
Sexual Jeremy

Funk Act

The Boombachs
Puddin Taine
Sol Kitchen
Soul Patrol
The Southpaw Preachers

Fusion Act

Body English
The Boombachs
OG Garden
Wax Logic

Hip-Hop/Rap Act

AV the Great
Elijah Heaps
Lil Durt
Masa Lopez

Indie/Rock Act

Pearl Earl
Sad Cops

Jazz Act

Basically Basie Band
Mike Luzecky Trio
The Octopod 
Carleigh Reese
Sky Window


Matt Grigsby
Dahlia Knowles (Lorelei K)
Eric Michener (Fishboy)
Claire Morales
Megan Storie

Metal Act

Big Hand Big Knife
I am Man, I am Monster
Trap Lord

New Music Act

Body English
Hey Cowboy 
Lorelei K 
Samus David Jr.

Noise Act

Cut Shutters
Nobodynose & The Troubles
Daniel Ryan
Salvation Egg

Pop Act

Jessie Frye
Lorelei K 
OG Garden

Punk Act

New Science Projects
Reliant K2
Teenage Sexx
The Faps


Matt Grigsby
Isaac Hoskins
Miranda Jade Kennedy
Claire Morales
Megan Storie

Solo Artist

Lorelei K 
Claire Morales
Megan Storie
The Bret Crow Show

Full-Length Album

Elk River Sessions 
Fishboy - Art Guards
Lorelei K - Be the Doll
Pearl Earl - Self-Titled
Samus David Jr. - Literal Trash


Felt & Fur - Aftertouch
New Science Projects - Drop Out/Sleep IN
Mother Tongues - Self-Titled
OG Garden - Revive Me
Two Knights - Effing


Cash & Respect - Millapendence Day 2
Nikolai Rya - Cocaine & Butterflies
ZILLA - Out Tha 9
Ismail vs Ismael
HBR2017 - Heavy Baby Records

Debut Album

Crisman - Hey Bird
The Moths - Self-Titled
RHU - Transitioning
Samus David Jr - Literal Trash
Sunbuzzed - Self-Titled

Song of the Year

AV the Great - "Bunkin"
Lorelei K - "Be the Doll"
Pearl Earl - "Meet Your Maker"
Nakamara - "Dopamine"
MNKR - "She's Fine"

Music Video

Ditch Prince - Nosedive
Masa Lopez ft. LVL 9 - Platinum and Gold
Pearl Earl - Meet Your Maker
Sad Cops - It's Eating at Me
Thin Skin - My Song Ate/ Tits

Non-Traditional Music Venue

Bean Cave
The Bearded Monk
Killer's Tacos
Midway Craft House 

Traditional Music Venue

The Abbey Underground
Andy's Bar
BackYard On Bell
Dan's Silver Leaf
Harvest House

Open Mic Host

Bret Crow at GameChangers
Joey Johnson at Bearded Monk/ Killer's Tacos
Garrett Phelps at Midway Craft House
Jake Steinberg at Abbey Underground
Denton Online Radio

Radio Show/Podcast

Colonel Bruce Burn's Honky Tonk Hour - KUZU
Boulez Campbell Soup Listening Hour - KUZU
Don't Feed the Artists
Mostly Local with Michael Briggs - KUZU
Nobody Knows with Joey Johnson - Denton

Recording Studio

Civil Audio by Michael Briggs
Dojo Baby Studios
Mockingbird Sound Recording Studio
The Panhandle House Recording Studios

Sound Engineer (Live)

Drannon Bell
Kevin Cellar
Chase Harris
Jimmy Smith
Christopher Walker

Sound Engineer (Studio)

Michael Briggs
Brack Cantrell
Josh Cinquemani
Izzy the Kidd
McKenzie Smith

Talent Buyer

Matt Battaglia
Regina Bugarin
Garrett Gravley
Daniel Gould
Marcus Washington

Arts & Community Nominees

Published Author

Darin Bradley 
Caitlin Pryor
Annie Neugebauer
Courtney Marie 
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Poet/Spoken Word Artist

Cole Dalton
Sean Enfield
Sarah Friday
Nicole Lefteau
Courtney Marie


Lucinda Breeding 
Jenna Duncan 
Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe
Jade Jackson
Kyle Martin


Sara Carpenter
Jake King
Kyle Martin
Hannah Ridings
Jeff Woo

Creative Photographer

Ellie Alonzo
Tony Casillas 
Ana Dria
Andrea Harman
Ed Steele 

Online Publication/Blog

Denton Record-Chronicle
NT Daily 
Pretty Neat Grooves 
We Denton Do It

Activist/Activist Organization

Amber Briggle 
Indivisible Denton
Willie Hudspeth
Jennifer Lane
Cindy Spoon

Creative Collective

Artists Enclave
Denton Songwriters Guild
Spiderweb Salon


Denton County Friends of the Family
Friends With Benefits
Greater Denton Arts Council
Serve Denton

Drag Queen

Kylee Fatale
Kendrix Kyle
Nayda Montana
Kabrina D Sierra
Kitty Yubari


Danny Fox-Trot
Onyx Fury
Lana del Gay
Lorelei K
Jackie O'Nasty


Jette Blaque
Birdie Holly
Marie de Menthe
Tulla Moore
Vivienne Vermuth

Stage Production

Bug (Sundown Collaborative Theatre)
The Crucible (UNT)
Richard III (Denton Community Theatre)
Short Works Fest (Sundown Collaborative Theatre)
Sordid Lives (Denton Community Theatre)

Make-Up/Hair Artist

Dahlia Knowles
Ashley Moster
Amanda Servis
Allie Toledo
Mateo Torres

Short Film

Dirty Money dir. By Ciara Boniface
I Stand Alone dir. By Kenny Severson
Jackalope dir. By Riley Cusick
SLUT dir. By Nicole Blostein
Story Time with Weldon’s dir. By Susan Davis

Filmmaker/Film Company

Ciara Boniface
Susan Davis
Garrett Graham
Maker Table
Cèsar Velasco

Film Exhibition

Denton Black Film Festival
Thin Line Fest
UNT Media Arts Festival
UNT Short Film Club


Sarah Barnett
Sanford Black
John Bramblitt
Daniel Christopher McCullagh
Alex Revier

Graphic Artist 

Cameron Hinojosa
Todd Little 
Katie Montgomery
Claire Morales
Michael Slack

Mixed Media Artist 

Alex Cole
Cynthia Giron
Betsey Gravatt
Emily O'Connor
Matthew Sallack

Visual Artist 

Artlab 3000
Marina Girgis
Emily O'Connor
Mike Petty
Quentin Smith


Taylor Higginbotham 
Javoris James
Joey Johnson
Colton Jones 
Dalton Pruitt 

New Comedian

Tony Casillas 
Daniel Magden 
Brad McKenzie 
Kenny Severson
Kirk Younkers


Artlab 3000
Dan Black
Roy Warren Lunt 
Eric Mancini 
Travis Sykes

Dentonite of the Year 

Aaron Anttila (Elk River Sessions)
Keely Briggs (District 2 Councilwoman) 
Marcus Washington (Cash & Respect)
Rachel Weaver (Denton Community Market)
John Williams (Oak St Drafthouse & East Side Denton)



Header image graphic by Christopher Rodgers