MUSIC VIDEO STREAM: Ditch Prince "Nosedive"

Lines of cocaine, mirrors as gates, and a bunny-masked villain who “masterminds the queering” may seem too outlandish to tell any story. But Ditch Prince’s music video for their song "Nosedive," released October 20, pulls off these loud themes with captivating finesse. The video, directed and produced by Leigh Violet, takes all these ideas to create an artistic melange suitable for a song that can’t decide at times whether its punk pop or surf rock.

The band said they loved working with Violet and the way the video came out would not have happened without the support and work put in from friends and the cast. The song explores a “post-millennial social nightmare” that includes complexities dealing with the ego orchestrated by peer pressure and drug usage. In the video, the bunny-masked villain engineers this behavior.

Singer Greg Brown came up with the idea for the video, then bandmates Nick Groesch and Dean Adams contributed to storyboarding and casting. According to the band, the altars, shrines, and mirrors represent the religious obsessions people have with ego and how social media is a sanctuary-like reflection of those obsessions.

Interestingly, the video also finds room to chastise “the conservative fear of change and their hip conspiracies” by the queering corruption of Brown. Dark hues cast over indoor, literally smoke- and mirror-filled scenes juxtaposed with sunny poolside shots sharpen and dramatize this post-millennial nightmare. By the end, a song laced with cocaine references loops in your mind while visions so eccentric, but even more so enchanting, occupy the leftover head space. 

Header image courtesy of Ditch Prince
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