Rubber Gloves Appears to Have Been Sold

Central Track broke the news that Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios' land had been sold after getting confirmation from Josh Baish that a deal was completed on March 25. News that Rubber Gloves' property was sold was initially announced by realtor Laura Mauelshagen with Berkshire Hathaway on Facebook. Details on the identity of new ownership and future plans for the space are being withheld for the time being. 


Baish told Central Track that he and the new owner "are working in tandem on the plans for its future.” In the article Baish said, “We’ll have some news to share soon." 

The property was initially listed for $990,000 by Berkshire Hathaway with the last public price seen at $699,900 before the sale was announced. Information on how much it actually sold for is not yet available.

The venue had previously closed its doors on June 15, 2016 after 19 years of being a stalwart of Denton's music programming. The location's rehearsal studios remained open until all operations ceased on August 14, 2017 as reported by The Dentonite. 

Although the venue closed due to financial concerns, there had been a resurgence in attendance before its last days. At the time Baish told The Dentonite, "It's like a death. It's like planning for a funeral, and you just plow through it because you have to get things done in spite of the loss. I honestly don't know. It's something I never wanted, but it's a reality I have to accept and move on. It sucks."

It's possible that Denton could see the return of another beloved venue after J&J's Basement opened up for performances at the end of 2017.


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