Monday Mixtape - 4.2.2018

"Old Soul Syndrome" - Prefontaine

Prefontaine has teased us with three tracks from their upcoming release, which they say will be made public at the end of April. The self-proclaimed "intimate-aggressive emo" genre is right on the nose - their tracks amazingly make hardcore accessible to even the most pop-oriented of listeners. 

"Silhouette" - Trademark Paradise

The Dentonite will have a little more on Trademark Paradise's release tomorrow, but in the meantime check out their groovy morsel posted to YouTube last week. Their sound in "Silhouette" is groovy with a hint of Halloween, with scintillating synths and a buttery sax played by Ben Hogg. 

"Daybreak" - Public Parks

For a quirkier change of tone, Public Parks has released a new EP entitled "Daybreak" and it's amazing, point blank. Their sound, made of permanent members Colton Jones, Zach Williams and Phil Wheatley, is entirely their own, but if a point-of-reference is needed, imagine CAKE, Matt & Kim, and local sex symbol Colton Jones were put in a blender. The resulting smoothies is the saccharine, experimental, and captivating song that is "Daybreak." How fucking smug of her!

"Johnnie Walker Blues" - The Infamists

Not to mention the weather in an article again (Mallory, shut up!), warmer temps in Denton definitely calls for rolling the windows down and blaring some classic rock jamz. If you've been missing out on some homegrown Denton bangers with a bourbon-y edgy, this track is for you. Don a leather jacket and rob a bank Baby Driver-style to this track. (It's the second track in the embed, or you can listen to it on the group's bandcamp.)

"Pop Philosophy" - Subtle Oddity

Psychedelic, groovin' and entirely new, Subtle Oddity's 2-track release on their bandcamp is promising for the duo, who releases music each April. Spare a few minutes and let lead singer Harrison Foreman teach a lesson while multi-intrumentalist Aubrey Seaton serenades you with a bass line that slaps and some power guitar solos. This particular song, Seaton says, "is dedicated to everyone who's ever had to endure a dude talking your ear off about some gross nonsense they read online." You literally have to listen - they have a really loud megaphone. 

Header image by Mateo Granados