STREAM: Golgatha "Sons of Fire"

Perhaps the biggest challenge that any “progressive” band faces in its writing and performing processes is to create music that is not only compelling, but accessible to others aside from the band members themselves. Sporting the many qualities that give heavy metal music it’s charming and intoxicating allure, Golgotha’s “Sons of Fire” is a showcase of musical prowess and unabashed passion without becoming ostentatious.

The song’s main/verse riff is a perfect example of the band’s virtuosity. It flies gracefully and dynamically alongside the vocals, which are reminiscent of many 80’s power metal groups, but have the strength and fortitude of early doom metal outfits (i.e. Candlemass, Pentagram), giving the song that essential epic feel that is ubiquitous to any metal project of this kind. Stitching the sections together with beautiful and melodic major to minor leads and an extremely tasteful solo, the song comes together seamlessly and void of any awkwardness. The production value is also stellar, delivering a crisp and extremely listenable result, illuminating each instrument and element of the song. It truly sounds professional and thoughtful, only adding to the obvious musicianship each member brings to the table.

As stated before, perhaps the song’s greatest quality is its tastefulness and accessibility. It remains a virtuosic and progressive song without being too flashy or "wanky”. They can play leads that don’t sound too forced and write riffs that are compelling and remain interesting without them sounding choppy. They can throw a 5/4 section at you without it being clumsy and derailing a song for the sake of being proggy. That, in my opinion, is any prog band’s greatest asset.    

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