Trademark Paradise's First Music Video is Hella Promising

Trademark Paradise, a jazz fusion band which incorporates styles of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and rock, has recently released a music video of their track “Silhouette,” featuring a live studio performance.. The group itself comprises of professional, gigging jazz musicians, all led by Christopher Simms on drum set. This eclectic group is based in Denton, with some of its members currently attending the University of North Texas.

Their most recent track and first online release, “Silhouette,” gives listeners just a taste of what this group is capable of and what they will bring to the jazz music scene through a unique balance of jazz, hip-hop, and rock. The intro alone invites the listener into a dark, mysterious sound before instantly moving into a dance groove with a bass line, brought by a heavy synth sound. Trademark Paradise plays in a pocket of a groove and feature their tenor sax soloist, Ben Hogg; in just under six minutes, the group displays impressive versatility, and combines multiples ideas and styles.

The music video itself is a performance recording of the group playing the track in a studio space, with the group forming a circle. Chris Simms said that the group is gearing up to drop their second studio video, featuring another track by keyboardist and composer Joey Listrom; in fact, all of the members of Trademark Paradise write music, and in the future they are interested in working with musicians of all types. If you enjoyed listening to Silhouette, then just wait until you hear the band perform - a fresh experience each time, as every performance involves improv. Trademark Paradise is new on the scene, but they’re disciplined about rehearsals, serious about music, and they know a thing or two about groove.


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