Coming Soon: Mood for Monday

Hey Denton! Sierra Johnson, The Dentonite’s new music editor, is popping up to say “What’s Up” from the depths of the music section. I want to bring some excitement to your mid-week by introducing something new, a playlist series called “Mood for Monday”.

Mood for Monday is a series about YOU – at least the mood is, anyway. I’ll be taking a weekly poll on The Dentonite’s Facebook page with three pre-selected moods or themes to see how you’re feeling throughout the week. Polls will be active Monday through Friday, closing Friday night to allow for a weekend for playlist curation. On Monday, the playlist will go live and you’ll sit back and think, “this is exactly what I needed to hear last week!” Hey - better late than never (but never late is better – thanks for that gem, Drake).

These playlists will be composed primarily of local artists which means I’ll need your help. Send me your music! Send me your homie’s music! Send me everything I’m sleeping on. Hit my email like…right now. Occasionally there will be non-local music featured – but always within mood and never without a purpose. When sending me music, I invite you to tell me how it makes you feel, too.

I’ll be coming in hot this week, setting the precedent and selecting the mood myself: Girls Rule. Be on the lookout for the first Mood for Monday this upcoming Monday. Time to get moody, Lil D!

Contact Sierra via email at sierra [at] thedentonite [dot] com. Or visit her staff page & fill out the form.

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