Sierra Johnson, Former Music Editor

Sierra Johnson is a public relations senior at the University of North Texas. She’s a playlist perfectionist, with a mentality that’s realistic, passionate, and fueled by her dreams.  Every day she goes to sleep certain that she can’t love music any more than she already does, and every morning that she wakes up she’s proven wrong.

She’s been active in the DFW metroplex since moving to Denton in 2015, learning about radio while serving a DJ term at FM 88.1 – The One, interning at MM2 Public Relations, and volunteering for Art House Dallas. Upon graduating, she wants to pursue a master’s degree in music management, with the end goal of managing artists, planning tours, and executing festivals. She also has a desire to establish herself as a social responsibility officer in the music industry – traveling to different record labels to establish ways that musicians can give back to the community that align with the messages conveyed through the art they’re creating.

If you grab her phone to sift through her Spotify, you’ll find artists like Marc E. Bassy, Solange, Nao, Majid Jordan, Amy Winehouse, and Ginuwine among her most recently played. When she’s not dancing around her room to a recent release or watching Insecure, you can find her at Harvest House drinking a Deep Beets while reading a book or enjoying a DJ set.

Sierra may be a Houston native (Missouri City, to be specific), but she’s found her home away from home in Denton, Texas.

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