Mood for Monday: Girl Power

Greetings, Denton! Back again to set the precedent for Mood for Mondays, as promised. This week’s playlist is a very concise curation of some local tunes (mix included) to give you a taste of what’s to come. The girl bosses behind these pieces will provide us with a sample of the Mood for Mondays in the upcoming weeks. Girls are resilient, fun, mystical, and amazing…why wouldn’t you want to start your week with a little bit of that?

Hey Cowboy! – “Cowgirl”

Kick your week off by getting dance-y to this once. Hey Cowboy! members Gaby, Micah, and Sydney recently moved from Denton to Austin, taking their euphoric and intentional sound with them.

M3cca – “Swoogie Woogie”

Houston native M3cca creates music that’s calming and soulful. Above all, every element of her music is raw, from the lyrics all the way down to production. Fruittape, her formative debut EP, will hit its first year since release this November.


Ursa Minor describes herself in her Instagram bio as the “most exhausted DJ in Dallas.” The way this mix makes you move will have you exhausted, too. You can catch her spinning at venues all around Dallas, providing the tunes for events like Femme Friday and Queer AF.

You can find the poll to vote on the mood for next week’s playlist on The Dentonite Facebook page. Happy listening this week!

Header image courtesy of Unsplash

Header design by Tori Falcon