Mood for Monday: Rainy Day Tunes

The polls closed Friday, and a weekend consistent downpour commenced. Retrospectively, y’all really did the damn thing with the selection for this week’s mood. Although I took advantage of every opportunity to do the things best done in in rainy weather (set up to work at a coffee shop for an inappropriately long amount of time, curled up in a blanket, napped…then napped again), I will be welcoming sunny Denton days back with open arms when they decide to return. Until then, here are some rainy day tunes for you.

The Monkberries – “Close to Mine”

Adam Millard and Marissa Hunt of The Monkberries sing in a way that leaves me no other choice than to conclude that their voices were made to harmonize with one another. The Monkberries are Denton natives who started their career in the summer of 2015. They recently moved to Durango, Colorado, but remember their days in Denton fondly when reminiscing on playing multiple festivals in the area such as Oaktopia, Thin Line, Twilight Tunes, and 35 Denton. Hunt says Denton is the first city she loved that loved her back.  Lyrics like, “you’re my shelter from the raging storms/you’re my sunny day” work to assure you that everything is going to be just fine among the rainfall.


M3cca, Roamsy – “Saccharine”

You may recognize the name M3cca from last week’s Girl Power playlist. Saccharine, by definition, describes something that is “excessively sweet and sentimental”–exactly what this track would be to your ears on the afternoon or evening on a rainy day. The beating of the bass laces with the soft guitar foundation to complement M3cca’s voice, as she sings lyrics that call you to conviction and reflection.


Clover the Girl – “Filter This” (Stripped Down)

As if Clover the Girl’s vocals weren’t chilling enough, Filter This ventures to unabashedly question the motive behind the appearances we work so hard to create online. Clover the Girl is an alternative pop artist from Texas, whose music has been described as the result of mixing bubblegum and grit. She challenges her fans to “find [her] story in [her] songs.”


Troy Garrick – “Slurrin Werdz”

Troy Garrick can be found in the world R&B and pop collide. Garrick released his first album in 2016, which was created within the four walls of his dorm room. This track is the perfect amount of mellow for a rainy day.


Naomi Kliewer – “Easy Tiger”

The introduction to this song is upbeat, transitioning subtly into a musical medley that combines omnichord stylings and Naomi Kliewer’s angelic vocals. Kliewer is a multi-faceted artist who has a passion for burlesque (catch her performing at Glitterbomb and Salty Lady Burlesque) in addition to creating music. Easy Tiger was described by the Spiderweb Salon as “a magical, tender anthem to self”.


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