Real Life meets Folk on “The Alexander” EP

Over a steady guitar and harmonica, musician Evan Alexander Moore eases into the first song off his new EP.

“The best ever folk singer in Denton walked through the town,” Moore sings.

It’s clear from this first song that The Alexander EP is derived from Denton roots.

Moore released his EP, complete with seven tracks, on Sept. 4. Recorded entirely on his iPhone, the album offers a glimpse into his head, making Moore’s deepest thoughts accessible.

According to his Bandcamp, the album “takes place on a plane ride from Denton to NYC,” which is where he currently resides.

The Best Ever Folk Singer in Denton starts the album off by inviting listeners through the journey of a folk singer meandering through Denton streets. Moore’s vocals carry wistfully along, complemented by the soft strumming of the guitar. The lyrics reminisce on a bittersweet tale of a singer searching for himself.

Transitioning into a melancholic note, The Tired and Poor has bite to it both musically and lyrically. It’s a topical anecdote, comparing families being separated at the border to if the pilgrims had blocked natives from Plymouth Rock. Moore hits guitar strings and heartstrings much harder in this song’s narrative.

Vacant Seat addresses U.S. shootings, from Columbine to Virginia Tech. With a heavy and emotional sentiment, each verse reveals another example of a mass shooting. Moore leaves listeners with chilling lyrics to ponder before the song ends: “Sayin’ O there’s no answer, thoughts and prayers we send/ Would you rather never see a weapon again or lay to rest your best friend?”

Queen, Abroad is an open letter of love to an unnamed traveler. Moore sings of this jet-setting woman with awe and admiration.

The album cascades down a few tempos to When Home isn’t Home. This song also tackles heartbreak and the search of a home. You can hear a hint of aching in the last few stanzas of the song.

Since I Left You is the longest song on the EP, clocking in at 7 minutes and 19 seconds, but the length is purposeful. The story is about navigating complicated relationships and the color blue.

“I thought I never deserved blue ‘til now, but blue is a color I want around/ Since I left you, I found a world so blue.”

These final lyrics of the song show the symbolism surrounding the color blue, a color that is pertinent in the narrative. You’ll find yourself feeling like you know the people in the song.

Talkin’ Talkin’ Blues ties up the album nicely by returning to a similar dark and jaunty vibe that The Best Ever Folk Singer in Denton began the album with. Using grumbles and sharp guitar notes between stanzas, Moore displays exactly how raw and real the album is. It sounds akin to someone busking off the Denton square on a busy Saturday night.

This album feels like a weekend house show in Denton, which is impressive for someone who now lives over 1,500 miles away. Moore’s Denton roots and inclination to social issues makes this album a must-listen for anyone who wants to hear social narratives with a folk twist.

You can find the The Alexander EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Header image design by Tori Falcon
Header photo by Anila Ademi.