LOL for a Cause

For those of you who might have missed it, comedy is currently having a major moment in Denton. With regular showcases and open mics at venues like The Abbey Underground, Killer’s Tacos, and J&J’s, many locals (performer and spectator alike) are flocking to the artform. Now that comedy has successfully pushed its way to the forefront of Denton entertainment, there is no better time put that newfound attention to good use.

Shane Silagi and Stu Holowell are two of Denton’s most inspiring young comedians. Driven by their mutual love for comedy, desire to help others, and (for Stu) a series of unfortunate life events – the pair founded Language of Laughter, a non-profit organization benefitting underprivileged students in Denton. LOL organizes comedy showcases whose ticket sales are dedicated to providing classrooms with the tools needed to create and sustain successful education programs, and other causes. Most recently, Their Riveting Women Comedy Showcase raised $952 towards Denton's women's services. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch as the founders explain why LOL deserves your dollars, and your laughter.

Video Team:
Brittany Keeton - Director
Hayden Zaiser - Producer
Joey Medina - Producer