Denton Does Art with Blair Johnston

Self-proclaimed soothsayer, alchemist, vacuum cleaner model, and expert melon slicer, Blair Johnston is an artist living and operating out of her home in Denton. Her work spans many mediums and approaches, including drawing, painting, light, technology, poetry, video, and installation. With support from the Greater Denton Arts Council’s 2016 artist’s microgrant, her upcoming study “One Process, Infinite Solutions,” is an in-depth exploration of the themes of process and perspective. Equipped with only a short list of semi-vague, highly interpretable rules, and a 7.5” by 7.5” canvas, 18 artists from all walks of life are guided through the creation of a new painting. By her instruction, 20 individual pieces have been created, each a wildly different take on the same 10 prompts. 

The show aims to demonstrate how “artists create their own paths; constructing (and deconstructing) interpretations and reasoning's that create their personal perspective,” and invites you to draw your own conclusions. “One Process, Infinite Solutions” will be featured at Voertman’s Gallery from August 22nd to September 9th. Make sure to stop by and let yourself be reminded how we are all molded by perspective.