Denton Does Music with Elia & Tony Najera

In a time when venue after venue closes in Denton, Tony and Elia Najera work to take music to new and interesting places. If you’ve ever been treated to a surprise concert at your favorite Denton landmark or a secret show in the DFW metroplex, you likely have one (or probably both) of them to thank.

In 2014, Denton Staged was born when Tony came across a series of videos called ‘Tram sessions’ and adapted the idea for a different audience. Denton Staged aims to bring stripped down performances from local favorites to wherever there’s an audience. The Najera's have created a world where you can watch folks like Richard Haskins, set in the Campus Theater, singing of his dream to have his mom smoke pot with him.

Through Denton Staged, the pair found Sofar Sounds, a global operation whose focus on music aligned well with their values. After volunteering with the organization, Tony was offered a job as the city leader for the entire DFW metroplex, and an opportunity to bring these meaningful experiences to people on a much larger scale.

Tony and Elia Najera are two Dentonites who remind us to be the change we want to see in the world. Please support them by checking out their amazing videos on YouTube, or by catching a Sofar DFW show. You will not be disappointed.

Video Director: Brittany Keeton
Video Producer: Hayden Zaiser
Video Producer: Joseph Medina

Header image design by Brittany Keeton