Brittany Keeton, Former Video Director (8/2017 - 4/2018)

In the two years since she moved from Central Florida, Brittany Keeton has unexpectedly developed a fresh perspective. As the creative director for Love Denton, she had the good fortune of not only witnessing but also participating in Denton’s amazing creative community. 

Brittany intends to share the beauty of a town that fosters creativity with the people of Denton. She spends most of her time on Adobe programs, but also dabbles in painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, and videography. By day you will find her working at an oh-so-exhilarating full-time job, second guessing her bio-writing skills by night, and packing as much time in between for creative her endeavors. She loves cherries, her ginger cat Benny, Mad Men, the universe (as a concept and a space), and lakes. 

Above all else, Brittany is interested in bringing more good vibes into Denton and the world at large.