TAKE FIVE: Look of the Year

Inspired by a level of the classic Spyro game on Playstation called “Lofty Castle,” he’s taken this word and transformed it into his hip-hop persona that is so natural both on and off-stage. Now going by the acronym "Look of the Year" (LofTY) is a hip-hop beatmaker nominated for best producer and best DJ for the 2018 DAM Awards. LofTY is one-fourth of the rock/alternative/rap band Listen Lady—alongside Jo Higginbotham, Evan Partlow-Shelton, and London Spacebound—and calls the Bearded Monk his favorite spot in the city.

How did you get started in music?

I got started with music by beatboxing and playing viola at an after-school program in fourth grade, and I played trombone in middle school and high school (I still play trombone to this day). I’ve always been a hype AF individual and started letting that really shine with music in rap circles in high school as "the beatboxer." The rappers would always tell me to start producing beats and so I started with my mom’s computer on GarageBand… the rest is history.

What is the scene like in Denton for beats?

The beat scene in Denton is very supportive! We are all friends and help each other out constantly. I have a weekly show at Backyard on Bell Sunday mornings called “Breakfast and Beats,” and we love to showcase new acts all the time. We are all always looking for ways to uplift each other. There’s no beef.

You’ve just graduated. What is next for you, and how does music fit into that?

I graduated with a studio art degree from UNT. I am equally an artist as I am a musician. People don’t know because I am currently developing my visual aesthetic so I can drop it for the world to see. I am just going to keep on doing what I have been doing with music and hopefully get some industry credits sooner as opposed to later. I am looking for jobs with art galleries as well as audio engineering jobs.

What’s your favorite Denton memory?

It would have to be the 2015 New Year’s show I put on with a no-longer-active group call The Tron Collective. I Am Clark Kent, one of my favorite local bands, came through and melted everyone’s faces off and I cried heavily. The whole town came through and showed out and I felt like I was on top of the world for a night.

What does Denton mean to you?

Denton has been a super conducive place for my creativity in general. It is a place that welcomes collaboration for me and has an abundance of resources. I’ve definitely blossomed as a creative here because of the people and venues that have shown me love. I try to embody that in my art and music.

Header image courtesy of Luke Peterson and Caleb Hajek
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