TAKE FIVE: Megan Storie

How old were you when you started learning guitar?

I was 14. My dad taught me — he was not a great guitar player. But the first song he taught me was “Blackbird” by the Beatles, and I still prefer finger-picking over strumming.

Who are some of your songwriting influences?

Bob Dylan — of course, the Beatles; my dad was always playing the Beatles for us growing up. I discovered Lucinda Williams when I was maybe 22 or 23, when I started writing songs that I wanted to present. I kind of modeled my songwriting style after her. I appreciate that it’s so simplistic and narrative — and maybe, anthemic? They’re just simple, sweet songs where the melody gets stuck in your head and you remember the story.

When you find yourself at Beth Marie's, what is your go-to flavor?

Definitely cookies and cream, because that’s just my across-the-board ice cream flavor.

Your favorite venue in Denton?

Dan’s Silver Leaf, for sure. The sound is always great, it’s always a good vibe. It’s one of the best venues to play in Denton.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians in Denton?

I would say there’s an incredibly supportive music community here. Go to shows. You’re gonna find people there who want to work with you if you’re interested in assembling a band. The biggest thing I struggled with when I was starting to play music in Denton was putting together a group, and it falls into place when you start seeing the groups that play and the musicians that are involved in different projects.

Header image photographed by Ellie Alonzo courtesy of Megan Storie
Header image design courtesy of Christopher Rodgers