Sad Cops and Acid Carousel to Join Alvvays in Dallas' Homegrown Lineup

Dallas’s Homegrown Fest is bringing a slice of the little D to its lineup. Acid Carousel and Sad Cops round out the Texas-centric lineup of the ninth edition of this festival, which will take place at Main Street Garden Park on May 12 from noon to 10 p.m.

The festival’s goal is to bring a day full of acts tied in some way to the Lone Star State. Two stages will present the 12 acts, spanning many genres and styles. Sad Cops’s hard-hitting, emotional rock and Acid Carousel’s straight-from-the-60s psychedelic sound are a distinctive yet seamless addition to the festival’s lineup. From the instrumental post-rock of Explosions in the Sky to Alvvays’s dream pop tunes, the festival is sure to include several kinds of sounds.

“I was personally a huge fan of that first Alvvays record when it came out and the fact that we get to play on the same bill as them and see them for free has me insanely excited,” Sad Cops guitarist Mills Chaiken says. “Mainly, I’m just crazy pumped to be playing with acts of this caliber!”

Both Sad Cops and Acid Carousel have received local recognition recently as some must-see acts in the metroplex. Acid Carousel’s constantly shifting lineup, which includes Ariel Hartley of Pearl Earl and traverses the whole metroplex frequently, holds true to their inspirations of the purest psychedelia-infused rock of the ‘60s, bringing forth a sound so nostalgic and catchy that it resonates with audiences of all ages. When I asked people around town last year what local releases I had to check out, nearly all of them included Sad Cops’s April 2016 release of Liam Murphy Holt. They’ve been playing shows all over town and continuing the momentum of the album, a narrative of intense reminiscences of the album’s eponymous character.

Tickets for the Homegrown Festival will be on sale soon, and will be available for purchase at the gate. General admission tickets will be $50 and VIP tickets are $125. Kids 10 and under are free. For more festival information, check out their website or Facebook page.

Header image photographed by Keelie Montague
Header image design courtesy of Holden Foster