Cults and Cinematography: A Look Inside DOMA Kid's First Music Video

There are plenty of pairings that compliment one another perfectly: wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, or perhaps even good visuals and even better music. About a month, new and upcoming band DOMA Kid released a music video for their first single “Little Johnny,” an ode to fanaticism, cults, and good ol’ fashioned gospel organs.

DOMA Kid is the brainchild and new project of Nakamara’s frontman Samuel Decker, and their first track packs more than a biblical punch. The upbeat, gospel shout-like interludes drive home the religious cult themes, while the chorus and verses are rife with double entendres. DOMA Kid promises to “take us to church,” but are they talking about cult conversion or simply a really rockin’ beat? The video is more straightforward, featuring a Mormon missionary-like character (presumably the titular Johnny) traveling around the Denton Square in his attempt to spread the word of The Subgenius Foundation of Denton, TX - a place where outcasts and weirdos can communicate with aliens, a society of the bizarre. The video plays out like an “On the Street” skit, where locals and actors alike are presented with fake pamphlets -- and their genuine reactions are recorded. The video is beautifully shot by filmmaker and cinematographer Sunny T. Perara, who manages who encapsulate every idiosyncrasy of the drumset in a subtle, yet distinct way. The whole video feels disjointed, especially as the video comes to a close amidst near mayhem between Johnny and those he’s attempted to convert. With its overlaid tracks of banter, “Little Johnny” straddles the line between the light-hearted romp of an inside joke and an insidious track about a human tendency to worship musicians - and the video is an impressive show for the band’s first single.

Watch “Little Jonny” below, and check out DOMA Kid on bandcamp for more updates.

Header image courtesy of DOMA Kid
Header image design courtesy of Holden Foster