STREAM: Samus David Jr. "Literal Trash"

Have your roughest times ever had you feeling - on every level except maybe physical - like literal trash? Then Samus David Jr.'s latest album is for you. The indie brainchild of Hagen Hauschild, Anby Marín, and Sean Kennedy, this album touches on themes of mundane life and hopefulness, perfect for anyone who is feeling the mid-fall grind. That said, "Sailor Mercury Poisoning" is officially the anthem for all college students who wake up wishing they could never leave their bed. Oh, did I mention nearly every track name is a pun? As if you needed another reason to listen to and love this album. 

Samus David Jr.'s sound is oh-so summery yet oh-so grunge - fitting for October days in Denton when you're sweating by noon in the flannel that seemed like a good choice at 8 a.m. If the hyperbolic title of the release doesn't have you saying "same," I would recommend listening to the final track on the album, "Tyra Banksy" - for me, I'm just glad this band has reminded me with their music that happiness is on its way.

Literal Trash can be purchased online on Bandcamp.

Header image courtesy of Samus David Jr.
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