STREAM: Elk River Sessions

From the first twang of notes played, you quickly realize that Elk River Sessions is going to plant itself deep inside you, for more reasons than the obvious. It sinks in that all of these talented local Denton artists came together musically, not just to make an awesome album, but for a true and most sincere purpose.  

Three days is how long this labor of love took — to travel to the Elk River Cabin to meet up, write, and record the entire album. Very intricately and delicately, they weave their voices and melodies together to bring forth an album that is a true labor of love. From the first song, "Storm Strong," to the last song, "W Davie W," there is no denying that what happened at the Elk River Cabin was an explosive rich palette of music that was not only satisfying to the musicians to collaborate with each other, but also an exploration of a time where Denton is at its purest form musically because of their intentions for this album.  

You have a whirlwind of vibes and sounds: from an electric country beat with full thick soulful voices to synth waves to twirling strides of the fiddle, with piano tones accenting a journey of a song, to an energetic feel and a Native American tribal dance feel to rockabilly tunes and a hard-hitting, faster-beat song. Each song is indexed with an Elk River group subtitle to let you know what artists collaborated to make that song happen. Elk River Sessions delivers exactly what the name alludes to while being spun into the feel of the 60s.

You get a taste of the down-river music while remembering the feel of what it's like to walk into a Denton venue to watch your favorite local Denton band. Elk River Sessions is what it would feel like if you took a road trip with your best buds down to the cabin at the river and captured it in the Earlybird filter and flower-crowned auras.

The vinyl will be released November 19 at Eastside. Pre-sales purchases can be made on Eventbrite.

Header image photographed by Peter Salisbury
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