STREAM: Brian Anthone's "Genius Insomniac, Dissonant Mastermind"

As a mixtape, Anthone’s eight-track project gives listeners high expectations for his future. Raw, dramatic, and fun, Genius Insomniac, Dissonant Mastermind is the perfect soundtrack for blasting windows-down late on an empty freeway. Quick and clever lyricism abides alongside touching and relatable lines that reveal Anthone’s true self: not taking himself too seriously, but showcasing an authenticity that creates a theme throughout the tape of finding strength and power in vulnerability.

Unique samples (Joy perf. by Georgia Mass Choir) blend with intriguing instrumentation — a hard-hitting bass line with light piano hits, or a deep synth melody held loosely with a relaxed beat — as Anthone drops the modern dating proverb “I didn’t text you — the Jameson did.” The tape flows as one steady stream, and each listen exposes more complex beats and fleshes out profound choruses. Anthone is young, gifted, and black — and not afraid to say it.

His confidence is rooted in his skill in writing, passionate lyricism, and excellent production. For fans of Kanye West and Frank Ocean, Anthone’s Genius Insomniac is more than enough.

Header image courtesy of Brian Anthone
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Joslyn Sandlin