STREAM: Bangarang's "Wet Suit"

Wet Suit is the debut EP from Denton band Bangarang, and it's one hell of a first release. In just over 16 minutes, the band utilizes a vast array of musical styles and instrumentations. From the haunting strings and dreamy samples of "Waverider 1945" to the lo-fi vocals over acoustic guitar in "Fictional Space Tragedy Scenario Pt. 1," each of the five tracks is unique in both instrumentation and production. And yet the project still flows well as a whole, creating a diverse soundscape where each song contributes something new while still maintaining the overall feel. It's clear that plenty of thought was put into texturing throughout, and it shows.

One of my favorite things about the EP is the occasional use of nonstandard meter throughout, keeping the structure of the song interesting without falling off into math rock-esque rhythmic wanking (not that there's anything wrong with that).  A lot of bands struggle to find a balance between complexity and groove, but these guys have got it figured out. The phrasing of the songs is also impeccable; whether it's a drum fill, guitar improvisation, or a quick sample, they do a great job of spicing up the end of a phrase. It's clear to me that these are skilled musicians, and I'd love to hear them take even more risks in future releases.

Put on some headphones, close your eyes, and let Wet Suit take you away. I genuinely can't wait to hear more out of Bangarang.

Header image courtesy of Bangarang
Header image designed by Christopher Rodgers