What Happened at Regardless Fest?

This time yesterday, hundreds of people made the drive from Denton to Krum in hopes of seeing Young Thug perform at Regardless Fest. Much to everyone’s surprise (or was it?), the Atlanta based rapper didn’t show due to supposed flight delays.

So, what the hell is or was Regardless Fest? Put on by Pentone Productions, Regardless Fest was intended to be an event that brought a big-name rapper to Denton, specifically to the University of North Texas Coliseum. Sounds cool so far.

“The UNT venue first said yes then changed their mind due to feeling that the students wouldn't be safe,” a representative of Pentone Productions said. Regardless Fest wanted to change locations to the North Texas Fairgrounds, but were told that there wouldn’t be enough police officers to cover this event in addition to the Denton Arts & Jazz Fest that is also taking place in town this weekend.

With no other options, they decided to move out of city limits to the Hacienda Santa Yesenia in Krum. Yesterday afternoon, Central Track reported that the Krum police department was already warning people about Young Thug and “several other musicians of the same genre.”

Wild Bill, co-host of the event, said there were close to 1,000 people in attendance yesterday. “It's hard to have zero problems during an outdoor show when there is a thunderstorm,” Bill said. “As far as the crowd goes, they were engaged and enthusiastic. Realistically the only thing about the show that wasn't tight was Young Thug not showing up.”

At 7:41 pm, Central Track broke the news that Young Thug would not be at Regardless Fest. However, no one at the show had heard yet, and supporting acts kept pumping the crowd up for the headliner’s performance. Around 10:30 pm a festival attendee reported that Ft. Worth rapper Go Yayo got on stage and told the crowd that he got paid and that Young Thug wasn’t going to be there.

People are now demanding that their money be refunded due to misleading circumstances, and rightfully so. This morning at 9:43 am, Regardless Fest tweeted that tickets would be refunded and to be patient. “I know tickets bought online from Ticketstorm will be refunded because that's their policy if headliner cancels,” a representative from Pentone Productions said.

Ticketstorm confirmed that they will be issuing refunds tomorrow, and that if you bought a ticket through them to email: events@ticketstorm.com or call 1-866-966-1777. They will only be issuing refunds if you contact them directly.

Regardless Fest sold general admission tickets for $35 and VIP tickets for $65. However, there was no VIP area and nothing special for your extra bucks. At 2:24 pm (36 minutes before doors open) Regardless Fest tweeted that parking would be $15. At least two musicians paid Regardless Fest a sum of $1,000 each to play a set and ended up not performing.

Festivals are no easy feat. A lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears go into organizing and throwing these things. Headliners cancel last minute, rain happens. Despite people’s best efforts, situations like these can go awry.

Oddly enough, Young Thug did not put anything out on social media until this morning regarding not being at Regardless Fest. He was, however, on snapchat last night and mentioned “more money needed to be wired.” Pentone Productions confirms that he has been paid his full, deposit plus flights, hotel and ground transportation. "The rest of his funds were available in cash like he requested at Hacienda if he would have showed," a representative of Pentone Productions said.

Despite not hopping on a plane to Texas yesterday, Young Thug did release a new music video for “Texas Love,” a previously unreleased track that was dedicated to those affected by the flooding in Texas.

But hey, if you really want to see Young Thug you can, you just have to shell out a couple more dollars. The Atlanta based rapper will for sure be in Dallas at the South Side Music Hall on May 12.