Monday Mixtape: May 2, 2016

Monday Mixtape is your weekly dose of fresh music from Denton's top talent and up & coming artists. If you're a Denton artist and want to be featured on Monday Mixtape, please submit your music to

Listen to our track selects one-by-one further down, or enjoy an enhanced 10-track playlist here (including some other local, new-ish music too):

Right as Rain - Daniel Markham
Chances are, you probably have not heard this new Daniel Markham song yet. 'Right as Rain' is one of eleven songs on Markham's latest Disintegrator and we are excited to exclusively share this with you today! The album comes out this Friday, May 6 and you can pre-order your copy here. We had the opportunity to listen through the album in its entirety before it comes out and cannot wait to share the review with you all tomorrow!

Great Silence - New Science Projects
New Science Projects released a new track last featuring all-time Denton badass and all around guitar playing extraordinaire, Ryan Thomas Becker. In fact, the beginning of the song starts with Becker's vocal backing him playing guitar. The two minutes of musical glory include the synthy-sounds of New Science Project's Dale Jones, too. We love it!

Drinking About U - Hextape
Stephanie Jones, aka Hextape, has been drinking about you. This new Denton artist released this trip-hop track last month, and it's like a toned down Lil Debbie track but produced with way better beats (no offense, Debbie). Listen for yourself. 

Boomin - June Jetson
June Jetson moved to Denton when he was 14 years old, and proudly (and rightfully so) reps the 940. He is also one-third of a collaborative group called JetsonGang, alongside Dat Boi Black and Keyshia Jay. The song was released through Astroknox Music Group, and is available on iTunes