EXCLUSIVE: Pansy Moon's WGWGSA Remix of Oedipus On Ice

Denton avant-pop band Pansy Moon is sharing an exclusive remix of their song Oedipus On Ice with us today. Why is that special? Well, besides the band kicking major ass (they made it to the 2016 Grammy's short-list ballot that leads to nominations in the Best Alternative Category... which Alabama Shakes later won), the song is remixed by Tim de Reuse of Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (WGWGSA). Oh, and tonight Pansy Moon, WGWSA, & *~~  are indefinitely playing their last Denton show. Ever. Or, at least last show for a long while. 

WGWGSA's album release party for Glow City is tonight at Andy's Bar, and includes Pansy Moon and *~~ as opening acts. This show will certainly go down in the Denton book of music history, as it will be the last time these folks play together for a while. 

Tim de Reuse on his latest project: "Glow City is my fifth album as Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack, and the one I've been working on for the longest by a considerable margin. I'm leaving Texas soon, and I don't know if or when I'll be back, so I got everything I ever wanted to say about the DFW area out of my system here, I guess. I have been kind of tired of 'bleak' music, where the main topic at hand is urban decay or crushing banality, so I went for something that is flat-out over-caffeinated and terrified."


So why is this the last show around for these three bands? Two for school, one for a change-up; Tim de Reuse (WGWGSA) and Jen Hill (*~~) are heading north for their Master's degrees, and Pansy Moon is looking to the PNW. Tim is bounding to Montréal for McGill University’s Masters of Music Technology program, and Jen has accepted the New Artist Society Scholarship to study from the School at the Art Institute of Chicago, pursuant of an MFA in Sound Art. The core of Pansy Moon - Dub Lemons, Will King, and Jordan Kusel - are gearing up for a move to Seattle, looking for new opportunities and adventures for the band there.