Monday Mixtape: April 18, 2016

Monday Mixtape is your weekly dose of fresh music from Denton's top talent and up & coming artists. If you're a Denton artist and want to be featured on Monday Mixtape, please submit your music to

Listen to our track selects one-by-one further down, or enjoy an enhanced 11-track playlist here (including some other local, new-ish music):

Magic Bargains - Ryan Torres
This is, in fact, what you need to start your morning. The groovy electronic beats in "Magic Bargains" will get your toes tapping all the way over to the coffee pot because although it is Monday, you will not be defeated. Be sure to check out more music from Ryan Torres by way of his SoundCloud.

Think by Isabel Crespo
Isabel Crespo is a Vocal Jazz major at UNT and just released a song-cycle called Enough Silence that she recorded late last November. In her three song release, Crespo explores three key aspects of life: Think, Wait, & Speak. Each unique, but tying together one main thought, "how much silence is Enough Silence?"


Photographing Mermaids by Bird Meets Winter
Classic Denton folky rock and roll, Bird Meets Winter's newest track, "Photographing Mermaids" is off the band's March release, Departures. Joel Larner's voice will leave a heavy resonation in your soul; his songs tell more than a story but share a moment in time - regardless if it's in the future or past.

Already Over You - Brent McCollough
Brent McCollough is a Jazz Studies master's student at the University of North Texas. "Already Over You" is a perfect addition to this rainy-day mixtape, and a fun energy filled pop song about moving on after a breakup. You can buy McCollough's debut album, Mystery on iTunes or stream it via SoundCloud.