Denton Record Store Day 2016

 Character at Recycled Books. Photo by Jessica Hume.

Character at Recycled Books. Photo by Jessica Hume.

This weekend isn’t just any ordinary weekend—it’s RECORD STORE DAY WEEKEND. We know you’ve been waiting with a bated breath, filling up those piggy banks so you can properly go apeshit at Denton’s finest record stores. Sure, we don’t have many (three, to be exact), but the places we do have are top-notch, pretty much a trifecta of any type of record-hunting you plan on doing. Here’s a quick breakdown of the type of shoppers we’ve got:

The Collector
You’ve got all the classics. In fact, you have so much in your collection you’re about to start boxing up dishes to make more room. You need something new and super fresh off the press.

FIRST STOP: Mad World Records, 115 W. Hickory St.

Mad World Records opened its doors on the beloved Denton Square almost exactly five years ago, the new kid on the block, next to yummy Beth Marie’s. You’ll know them by the wacky storefront: a bevy of scattered records and random odds and ends, like a modern cabinet of curiosities. But don’t let that mislead you. Their selection of new and old records and CDs is something Denton had been missing prior to its commencement.

Record Store Day Weekend:
You can expect to find limited Record Store Day releases, a ton of new stock and DJs will be spinning throughout the day. Make sure you come early—they’re opening an hour early at 10am—so you don’t miss out on the REALLY good stuff.

The Local
You’re THE BIGGEST supporter of Denton bands. Your closet is full of band shirts from Ten Hands, Midlake and A.M. Ramblers shows. You’re certain there’s something you’re missing, though.

FIRST STOP: Recycled Books Records CDs, 200 N. Locust St..

You can’t miss this gigantic Denton landmark. It’s the big purple building on the square with the huge mural, painted by local high school students. It used to be a fancy theater back in the heyday of Denton’s original theater scene. After many transformations, it’s become a central hub for books, records, CDs and videos. Inside, massive bookshelves are packed to the max with used books, a sea of CDs and DVDs glisten (you can find newly released vinyl here, too), and walking down the back ramp leads you to the trove of records.

Record Store Day Weekend: Recycled will also be carrying limited release music on Saturday, and all weekend they’re offering 20% off your entire purchase. They also have an online shop, so make sure you check that out if you can’t make it in. Stock up!

The Indiana Jones
Your collection is full of the raddest finds. When someone flips through, all eyes are on their grubby little hands. This weekend is all about finding that hidden treasure.

FIRST STOP: Books & More/Record Hound, 1626 W. University Dr.

Did you even know Books & More has its own music section, Record Hound? It’s run by Cliff West, and it’s been a little-known secret in Denton for many years now. It’s definitely one of those record store experiences where you’ll find yourself whiling away the hours (and hours and hours and hours) until closing, digging through their unique collection—seriously, there’s over 20,000. In his eclectic stockpile, West even has collectible posters, plates and all other sorts of miscellany. If you get there when they open, you might be able to check most of it out.

Record Store Day Weekend:
They’re currently running a sale on all their records and LPs, up to 50% off!

No matter where you start, make sure you hit all three and take advantage of their special deals and events. And don’t forget to stop by Dan’s Silverleaf for their Record Store Day Silent Auction to support the Nevada Hill Family Trust. There’ll be good music, art, tons of awesome people and it’ll help out the family of a dear Dentonite friend.

Put all those tax dollars you got to good use and #treatyoself to some new/old music. Anything you’ve got your heart set on? Let us know in the comments!