Mood for Monday: Focus Tunes

I think you did a great job this week, Denton, thinking futuristically by picking a mood that would get you through this week. We could all always use a little more focus. Hopefully these songs will do their job in increasing your focus, productivity, and drowning out any unnecessary noise.

HONIN – “Let Me Know”

DFW singer-songwriter HONIN sings as if vocalizing is just as effortless as a task as breathing. Let Me Know, invites listeners in with an initial soft drum rhythm which is layered soon after with lush guitar and piano chords that bounce around with each other, accompanied by HONIN’s voice, for the duration of the song.

The Octopod – “Passing Cloud”

The Octopod is an 8-piece group of jazz instrumentalists, giving a very ultramodern stylistic update to the sounds that first come to your mind when you think of the jazz genre. This track, Passing Cloud, is the sixth song on the group’s debut album, which dropped in January. Offering a new sound with each passing second, this song is the hearing equivalent to watching a movie–just as stimulating to the mind as it is to the ears.

OG Garden – “Revive Me”

A blend of light keyboard, heavy guitar, foundational bass, sweeping percussion, illustrious saxophone, and a voice that commands a crowd, OG Garden brings us Revive Me, a calm and rhythmic tune that continues to build up until the very end. Revive Me is the closing track on the Revive Me EP released in 2017.

Sylvania Ave. – “Counting Clouds”

Counting Clouds tells a story, attracting your attention with each instrumental interjection between stanzas. The creation of the In a Day EP were pretty true to form. Sylvania Ave. shared that “[the] songs [were written] over the course of six months” and the band “recorded them in a day”. Because this song is the second on this week’s selection with a cloud motif, I have concluded that cloud imagery must increase the chances of a focused mind.

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