Mood for Monday: Music Mash-Up

Loving Denton doesn’t necessarily mean loving every part of it. We could do without the construction, the potholes that create a Jurassic World-esque experience, and the road closure between Carroll and Elm (that you’ve been forgetting about every day since it shut down – you can tell me the truth here). Something great that Denton has going for it, something that I realized very soon after moving to this city, is that people seem to come here and come into themselves. I think the same can be said for musicians moving to Denton (or surrounding areas) and coming into their sound. Because of this, our city produces a ride range of eclectic sounds and talent. The winning theme for this past week’s poll is Music Mash-Up, so this little mix is going to be a bit of everything.

Casual Twins – “Honey Bee”

Steven Altuna and Tony Ferraro come together to form band and art collective Casual Twins. This song is from their self-titled project, recently released at the end of September. Honey Bee is calming and easy on the ears post-Axel Foley’s Computer, which is intricate, upbeat, electronic, and almost dance-y.

Cure for Paranoia – “Got it Good”

Got It Good is the type of the song that makes you question how one song can sound dark, confident, and redemptive at the same time. Members JayAnalog, Stanley Franscisko, Tomahawk Jonez, and Cameron McCloud blend their unmistakable styles and create music that pushes genre boundaries across soul, rap, jazz, funk and electronic – forging a musical sound that is notably unprecedented.

Blue Capricorn – “Mr. Fraternal Twin”

Combining inspiration from a culmination of mellow, jazzy, and modern artists, love of music, and pride for his Hispanic heritage, Blue Capricorn released his 5 song EP in August – a collection he began work on almost two years prior. Blue Capricorn crafts an eerie mood on Mr. Fraternal twin, with deep piano chords that lay the foundation for his chilling vocals to demand your attention at any point.

The Boombachs – “Space Gospel”

A group inspired by musical likings of The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and Jill Scott, the Boombachs are both engineers of sound and audience mood. The title of this song is also how the group’s overall sound has been described. Space Gospel is a jazzy, feel-good fix…and while this song would be a great start to your day, music by the Boombachs is good at any time of the day.

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