Kaleidoscope Sound + Vision was an Experience for the Ears, Eyes, and Mind

Campus Theater on the square, frequently home to play and musical productions, hosted KUZU 92.9’s Kaleidoscope Sound + Vision – an event to “[celebrate] the cross pollination of visual art and music”.  KUZU is this city’s first nonprofit low-power FM radio station, who celebrated its anniversary this past July. The components of the night were carefully cultivated, creating a stimulating experience upon entry.

Paul Roark, of the Reverend’s 78’s Show, spun vintage records as guests of the night socialized in the lobby amongst theater concessions, an on-site deputized voter registrar (Denton & 92.9 – you’re doing amazing) and KUZU merch.

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Through the theater doors awaited more music to build the show’s anticipation – a collection of songs ranging from local Denton group Octopod to the brother-sister duo Tennyson engineered by DJ Christopher Walker, multifaceted in his musical talents. His set, especially as a precursor to the acts to come, was a festival-like medley within four walls- constantly building, beautifully cinematic, and extremely in line with the vibe of the night. It stopped when we were made aware of the format of the night by KUZU station manager, Peter Salisbury, who was excited for this “special night for [KUZU]”. Like a continuously playing CD, the show would have no pauses between acts – our programs were to substitute for individual act introduction. Everything about Kaleidoscope Sound + Vision was unique – down to the format, this live-art experience served to revitalize my fascination with creation.


8:30 PM – Macroflow

8:50 PM – Michael Morris

9:15 PM – Jennifer Wester

9:40 PM – Intermission

10:00 PM – Lorelei K

10:45 PM – Intermission

11:00 PM – David Stout


My Kaleidoscope Top Three

Macroflow: Vocalists Lily Taylor and Sarah Ruth Alexander were extremely in sync and strategic, making me feel like I was watching live art that was mastered before the concept for the performance was even conceived. This piece felt like a combination of watching the formation of the earth and watching the seasons change.


Jennifer Wester: I went from watching the sharp movement of a figure skater in black and white stylings (all the while intrigued by the relationship with the precision of movement and the precision and range of sounds created by the movement) to watching Jennifer Wester in ice skates, on stage, in front of my eyes…something truly unprecedented in my exposure to art and music, in addition to being a performance that I will never forget. (PS – when did that platform even get there?!)

Lorelei K: Lorelei K’s commanding stage presence combined with guitar, heavy-production, and deep heart-hitting, bass was the basis for a set that was undeniably piercing. Between each song, the audience was invited to deeper immersion with an inviting laugh. Themes of truth, strength, and at one point, cicadas, were omnipresent throughout.

Big ups to KUZU 92.9, the Campus Theater, and all that played a part in the curation of this night! Be sure to tune in to the station for more upcoming events.

Photos by Tori Falcon.
Header design by Kylie Phillips.