Mood for Monday: Roadtrip Tape

The winning mood selected for this week had me the most inspired, maybe even causing me to daydream just a little bit: Roadtrip Tape. It’s that time between the seasons - and amidst the grind that many of us seem to be questioning - the closeness of our next adventure road tripping with friends or the opportunity to plan, spend, or invest some time in planning something fun can’t get here soon enough..I know I’m not the only one that’s been feeling it. I’ve realized that having to get creative with moods these past couple of weeks has birthed a pattern of selecting moods that are likely geared towards a certain occasion. To those who have been following as well as those new to Mood for Monday (hello, hello!), I want to say thank you for rocking with the twists and turns, and all the while continuing to give your input via Facebook polls.

Please keep sending me your music at, messaging me via Facebook, and letting me know the moods you’ve been feeling so that we can keep this series rolling along. Don’t worry about the soundtrack to your upcoming favorite memories – I’ve got you.

LIL DURT – “Flights to New York”

LIL DURT’s Flight’s to New York is the perfect song to get a trip started, especially if you find yourself planning for a departure around the night time. Over production that’s subdued yet involved and laced with room-over bass, LIL DURT brings us a song that’s perfect for flying down the highway with a destination or ETA in mind. While he remains a crowd favorite for Dentonite events (most recently our Voter Revolution and Versus Night: Rihanna/Beyoncé), we appreciate the chance to revel in LIL DURT’s artistry outside of his knack for creating seamless DJ sets.


The Bralettes – “Scary Harry”

Based out of Dallas, Texas, the Bralettes are a girl band trio on a mission to “[promote] body positivity” and “create simple yet catchy music for people of all ages”. Scary Harry is just that: simple and catchy, persistent in its creation from beginning to end. Members Andy, Molly, and Paulina appear as witches, ghosts, and vampires in the recently released music video that accompanies this track.

Class Action – “Candy”

The engines revving at the beginning of the song is super within theme. Followed up with driving instrumental force that eventually leads you into vocals just as driving, Candy provides you with the rock-funk hybrid song you need from “the galactic rhythms of the universe”–and it’s just the song you need to keep you going anywhere you want to go while on the road.

Masego x Medasin – “Girls That Dance”

Dallas native Medasin and Jamaican-American artist Masego align their musical specialties to bring us the vivid, larger-than-life, jazz-dance track Girls That Dance, the final track on their collaborative project, the Pink Polo EP. This song is basically impossible not to dance to, giving it the ability to be just what you need to sustain unexpected delays one may encounter on a road trip.