Music We Love: Mimisiku

Mimisiku is the product of several local creative Dentonites who self-describe their sound as stoner pop. The band started playing in 2014 at house shows and they have just released their debut album The Thrill of Living last week.

The 5-piece band is signed to Michigan based label Count Your Lucky Stars Records. According to Parker Lawson, the band’s bassist and singer, Two Knights (another band he and Miles DeBruin are in) have been working with CYLS Records since 2011.

The duo met Keith and Cathy Latinen, who run CYLS Records, when their band Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) came through North Texas on tour in 2010. The Latinen’s band announced last week that they would be putting their project to rest after creating music for an entire decade.

Michael Briggs, owner of Civil Recording, described The Thrill of Living as a deep record that needs multiple listens. “That’s one of the recordings that I’m the most proud of personally,” Briggs says. “It’s an amazing album and I’m glad it’s finally out. Mimisiku is definitely one of my favorite bands in Texas right now.”

“The drumming on the album is especially outstanding and creative,” Briggs says, “but every part of the band is just fantastic.”

The album plays as if the band members had been creating music together for years. Their sound rings in a level of nostalgia that leaves you wanting more. Lawson says that they will be recording again later this Spring.

Mimisiku drummer Cade Brundick runs Gatsby’s Mansion, a local house show venue in Denton. Lawson manages iconic Denton venue Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. Mimisku's next show will be at Gatsby’s Mansion on March 5th.

The Thrill of Living is available on iTunes, or you have the option of buying it on cassette and vinyl if you prefer. The album came out last Wednesday, February 19, 2016 and was recorded at Civil Recording in Denton.