EXCLUSIVE: Pearl Earl's Video Premiere for 'Witches Brew'

Denton psychedelic rock band, Pearl Earl has a new video for their song 'Witches Brew' that came off of their May 2015 EP, Karaoke Superstar. The band currently has the one EP under their belt, a handful of live shows and videos, and a new single, 'What Do You Know' that was released February 2, 2016. Lead vocalist and guitar playin' babe Ariel Hartley says that the band is going to be recording a full-length album this summer. 

Directed by: Sara Mosier
Director of Photography: Nick Niño
Makeup Artist: Shade Dubois for Bombshell Factory

"Sara [Mosier] would come to our shows and one day she made a really cool video of us on her instagram for Karaoke Superstar, and we thought it was so cool that we wanted her to do a music video for us without knowing that she even did actual music videos and it turned out amazing! We shot it at Andy’s basement and at our house that we all live in in like 16 hours!" 

Pearl Earl
Peal Earl is Ariel Hartley, Stefanie Lazcano, Bailey K Chapman, & Charlie Beaman