Codetalkers are a post-punk, hardcore band from Denton, Texas and they have a new album coming out this May. The band consists of five members, two of which are drummers, and all of which are members of other notorious Denton projects, past and present. The band has shared the stage with the likeness of Red Fang, Andrew W.K. and Denton’s own Slobberbone, to name a few. You can even catch them later tonight at Wit’s End in Deep Ellum.

Today we have a little post-punk treat for you. In addition to being able to stream the first two songs on their upcoming album Patterns via bandcamp, we are exclusively sharing three more tracks with you.

As the band grows older and they settle into their lives, they may or may not be living the life they thought they would have once upon a young punks dream. Now with adult responsibilities like kids, jobs, and mortgages, Codetalkers has become a release for the band members.

“Whether it is police, politics, co-worker incompetence, or George W. Bush's artwork,” Brian Harvey, Codetalkers guitarist shares, “we can get together and make a racket to work this stuff out of our collective system (and having a second drummer makes it an even more intense catharsis - sorry neighbors, hah).”

The album is fantastic; a 10-track guide to post-punk heaven. Although their sound is fairly DIY, it is hard to believe based on sound quality alone that this album was recorded in a house. With a feel heavily inspired by the punk movement, Codetalkers deliver a sonically upbeat yet somewhat defiant message. You know, in traditional post-punk defiance. Happy but not too happy, sad but not too sad.

“We recorded Patterns over the last year at our home studio we've built at my house,” Harvey says. “It was mastered by Dave Willingham at the Echo Lab in Argyle. We hope when people hear these songs live or on this record they feel the angst and frustration we feel and relate to it and let it all hang out with us.”

Patterns will come out this May with vinyl pre-orders and digital downloads available in April. Vinyl won't be available until August. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to catch updates. 

Track list:

  1. Waiting for the Great Leap Backwards

  2. Transit Cops

  3. Burnouts

  4. Portrait of an Artist as a Washed up President

  5. Negative Space

  6. Patterns

  7. Tachycardia

  8. High Current

  9. Hassan Ramani

  10. Black Fields