Fun Button's Latest Release is Dynamic and DERPy

Fun Button’s DERP is anything but, a four-song expose on a band so energetic and with such a full sound that will make you wish it was much longer.

“Honey Truck” starts the album out on an instrument-heavy note, as the talents of guitarist Robbie Husband, bassist Zachariah Walker, and drummer Gerald Holt III are all heard as a unit. It’s a song that moves through tempos, and a little more than halfway through, feels like the meshing of two different songs, with a second half featuring prominent bass lines from Walker and an impressive solo from Husband. Holt’s cymbals underscore the entire track.

Up next is “Vice Grips,” a song with decidedly darker lyrics married perfectly with bright instrumentation. The music, especially percussion, is more kinetic, and Husband’s vocals get an even bigger spotlight. This track is quintessential Fun Button, and even better live.

Their third track “Smoking Loon” brings an added punk element and a layered sound. Each member of this trio gets a chance to shine, be it during a featured solo or backing up his two bandmates.

And finally, Walker gets a turn at lead vocals on the final song “Steve French the Defence Cat,” who in turn brings an added layer of emotion to this track, alongside lyrics like “You never lack the confidence/you lack the spine to take yourself out and try again” and some lilting, ‘90s reminiscent guitar riffs.

This album is like a private jam session kindly bestowed on the public. Fun Button is always rife with energy, and DERP is a glimpse into their unique, full sound and that levity that entertains fans all over town and beyond.

Listen to their entire discography on Bandcamp.

Header image by Christopher Rodgers