Monday Mixtape - March 19, 2018

"ALMOND" - BLANK; mombasan chemist

mombasan chemist is back with another release of 10 lo-fi tracks, each with driven hip-hop beats perfect for deep focus. Described as a series of "sketches and rejects," the tracks are far from unfinished - each one of the seven tracks on BLANK feels cohesive, like the soundtrack to a rainy day. BLANK is just waiting to orchestrate the beginning of your spring.

"Apricot" - Megan Storie

Megan Storie's latest release a perfect transition into the new season. The lilting, triple meter time and Storie's dreamy vocals feel exactly like a warm Texas evening, even though the subject matter comes in part from the singer's time spent in Alaska. Excellently produced and heartfully sung, "Apricot" is a soft ballad with a hypnotic melody that we can't stop listening to.

"Sonny/Fairy Goshmother" - Tony Ferraro

For groovy, bright instrumental jams to spice up your playlists, look no further than Tony Ferraro's latest releases. "Sonny" & "Fairy Goshmother" are short, musical vignettes inspired by Uncle Dominic "Sonny" Ferraro - with driven bass lines and simplistic expression, they're two bite-sized pieces of bottled-up summer vibes.

"Oxygen" - Self-titled; Sylvania Ave.

If this Monday Mixtape were a restaurant menu, then Sylvania Ave. would be the heavier fare. The steak, if you well. Track No. 1 of their newest self-titled album, Sylvania Ave., starts with guns (and drums) a-blazin'. The entire release is high-energy, uplifting, and impossible not to tap your toe to. 

"Bad Bad News" - Leon Bridges

Scratch everything you know about Pop Top 40 Leon Bridges; his new releases are nothing like what you expect. This is "shake your ass" Bridges. This is Bridges for fans of KAYTRANADA and Nxworries. This is new. It's a groovy bassline, buttery muted brass and Bridge's voice with a little more insistence and a little less croon. 

"Kllmngr" - The Growth Eternal

Can you imagine Wakanda's music scene? New group on the scene The Growth Eternal has released their first single, "Kllmngr," and whether it's inspired by Black Panther or not, it's killer. With melty bass lines and transcendent, shimmering synth arpeggios, the dreamy track feels like a bit of a trip. Listen on the group's Spotify and keep an eye out for their next releases.









Header image courtesy of Garrett Smith
Header image courtesy of Christopher Rodgers