15 Music Acts Making Moves in 2018

As you may or may not know, Denton is traditionally known for its music. There's no shortage of options for those who actively support local bands instead of winding up at the watering hole to share their newest batch of tea. The Dentonite has compiled a short list of music acts  taking their shit to the next level. Some are already beloved favorites with new albums and bigger tours on the way. Others are brand new to the scene with a buzz that hopefully doesn't stalwart their creativity. Either way, these are the names Dentonites should be watching out for in 2018. 

Dome Dwellers

Dome Dwellers spent 2017 being slightly reclusive while in a meticulous recording process that began in the summer of 2016. During that time the band found a new bassist in the notoriously expressive Adam Sewell of Trái Bơ. That process is inching closer to completion as the trio, Michael J. Slack (guitar, vocals), David Gore (drums), and Sewell look to climb new heights to build on the success of the Ivory Tower EP released in the summer of 2015. Now that they're playing shows frequently again, Dentonites can preview their math-rock influenced music live while patiently waiting for the new recordings to be released. A live recording of the unreleased "Fragments to Infinity" is available thanks to Jordan LaChance of Square Waves documenting their performance at Band Together Denton 2016.

- Mateo Granados

Sylvania Ave.

Sylvania Ave. is a three-piece emo band that formed in July of 2016. The band released their debut EP In a Day in January the very next year and have been a powerful pop punk force in Denton’s DIY scene ever since. Sylvania Avenue’s sound features aural qualities such as accented drumming and complex distorted guitar melodies that curate a rebellious yet tender alliance within their music. Over the past couple of years the band has played locally at non-traditional and house venues such as Killer’s Tacos, Midway Craft House, and House of God. The band also opened up for the Dallas show of Prawn’s Winter tour featuring Caravela, January 26 of this year. They just released their second EP, which is self-titled, featuring the single "Without You."

- Maggie Moore


If you had the privilege of attending their January 27 album release at J&J’s Pizza, you already know why Razor Bumps is one of our 15 Bands making moves in 2018. If you didn’t, allow us fill you in on what you missed. First off, they’re a fast-paced, punk band straight from the garage with ferocious lead vocals by Jenn Smith laid over a musical bed set by the trio of Austin Waymire on guitar, John Hodge on drums, and Andy Messer on bass. Second, as the opening sentence revealed, they have a brand-spanking-new album titled Hellrazors that is not only longer in both the length of the tracks and track listing when compared to their 2016 EP The Demo, but is also more polished and lyrically thought-provoking. Third, they’re embarking on a month-long, nationwide tour starting in April headlining with the Maryland-based punk band Turnstile. This is the first time they've been mentioned on The Dentonite while they've already garnered press with Noisey - Vice and Stereogumand that attention is well-deserved. Get it through your head right now - do not miss the next Razorbumps show in Denton.

- Nick Shelton

Chelsey Danielle

Chelsey Danielle is a multifaceted queen whose percussion skills back up her creative flair for songwriting. She may be locally known for playing keyboard with Pearl Earl and vibraphone with Acid Carousel, but she shines as a solo act as experienced in her debut album Red Mixtape. Soaring with clean vibrato, her jazz-stylized vocals are percolated with self-empowering narratives that leave listeners uplifted (see "Freak", "My Style", "I’m a Tree"). A talent as great as Chelsey Danielle is worth following for both her solo act and dynamic collaborations. We support, we stan. 

- Tori Falcon


Early January 2018, Carleigh Reese announced her intent to rebrand as HONIN - same groovy sound, new name. Inspired by modern pop music, jazz, and funk, her sound is refreshing. HONIN is always a powerful performer, whether surrounded by a full band of equally talented instrumentalists or a more sparse guitar-and-vocals setup. Though her Soundcloud has just one track (which is excellent), HONIN only has room to grow in 2018.

- Mallory Frenza

Sad Cops

This quintet has a refined emotional rock sound, like taking your high school grievances and musings but putting it to killer music and vocals. Their 2016 EP Liam Murphy Holt is a sojourn through the titular character, traversing the entire spectrum of emotion and thought. Emotive bass and guitar, pounding percussion, and vocalist Grayson Harris’s raw lyrics and driven delivery make their sound intense, yet relatable. Be on the lookout for their next EP at the end of the year, and catch them when they go on tour with Dallas band Little Image this November.

- Linda Smith


Megan Storie has already solidified herself in the top tier of Denton's vocal talents. With her new band Bloom, her vocals are wrapped in indie pop sensibilities that are a faint reminder of Rilo Kiley. They've only released one song, the aptly named "Sugar Honey Pill." It's fuzzy pop-rock that's perfect for head-nodding while driving on a sunny day. 

- Mateo Granados


DOMA Kid is a rock band with an underlying experimental element that demonstrates they have an approach to music the same way a kid approaches Play-Doh. The group is comprised of Samuel Decker (lead guitar, vocals), Cameron Crowley (bass), Cesar Luna (drums), and the recent aggregate --Joey Listrom (synthesizer). The band started in the summer of 2017, where they felt out their sound in house shows before progressing to recording. DOMA Kid is influenced greatly by Radiohead although they remain open to whatever they’re in the mood for at the time. They just released a single and music video for "Little Johnny" and more is on the way. With a fresh approach open to experimentation,  DOMA Kid pumps out new and crunchy rock and electronic tunes that resound in perfect synchrony. 

- Claire Cadena

Trademark Paradise

This is definitely a group to look out for. With what can only be described as the best music to shake your ass to, they’ve rocked shows at Midway Craft House and Backyard on Bell. The group has yet to release anything online - however, in the coming week, they’ll be dropping their first music video(s). From what Trademark Paradise has played at their few gigs, all of Denton should be waiting with bated breath for what the band will roll out in 2018. Take our word for it.

- Mallory Frenza

Manifest Destiny's Child

The girly noise rock band of our dreams. The band’s founding members, Carol Gonzales (guitar/vocals) and Sabrina Tionloc (bass/vocals), have been badass feminists creating music since they were 16. Just this past January, they added Regina Bugarin as their new drummer. Now only two years after Gonzales and Tionloc started, the band has been frequenting Denton music venues and filling beaten souls of Denton with bass bellowing songs for proper brujas. Their most recent album Raspberry Kamikaze released in 2016 is a layered record full of dense, down-tempo singles alongside energetic, piercing noise which displays the band’s talents and certainly deserves to be heard. Fingers are crossed that a new recording can be completed by the end of the year.

- Tori Falcon


Don't sleep on Denton's hip-hop scene. Within its formless boundaries are fierce individuals coalescing into a community movement. Up-and-comer YUNGGRANT is making noise with a brand new mixtape that's reminiscent of Migos' fast-flowing style. It's not shit to sit down and chill to. YUNGGRANT's "Put U On Game" featuring Hypeman Harris belongs in the club with booty-shaking going on from wall-to-wall. His video for "Rubbin Off the Paint" reached more than a thousand views on YouTube before his mixtape came out, so he's doing something right. 

- Mateo Granados


The Facebook info for Remain remarks on their name being synonymous with perseverence. It's a concept musicians need for the simultaneously grueling and rewarding journey of maximizing creative expression while accumulating small victories and various setbacks. Now that Remain is signed on with New Jersey based Big Bongo Records, they can look back on their past 4 years with an accomplished exhale before continuing to churn out rock anthems that are two beers short of being full-fledged metal. Headbanging to this music is exactly what rockers want long hair for.

- Mateo Granados

Hey Cowboy!

This synthpop trio brings a heightened surrealism to every track and show. It seems a true testament to the unique nature of their sound that they play the bass, synth, and drums, three instruments typically appreciated, but seldom brought to the helm. Combining their thoughtful instrumentation with their voices results in an extraordinary, harmonious unity. Be sure to check out their album on Bandcamp, and in person, as they’re regularly a part of stacked lineups around town. 

- Linda Smith

Fun Button

Fun Button’s latest EP is a taste of their energy well worth all the listens. These three guys seamlessly incorporate pop punk sentimentality and rock instrumentation into tracks that fit into any and every environment. No matter the subject matter, each track is a party, incorporating complex guitar and bass riffs punctuated carefully by drums. Speaking of those drums, watching Gerald Holt rage on the sticks and skins is what could happen if you mixed Big Foot and Jon Hamm the same way Jeff Goldbum mixed with a diptera in The Fly

- Linda Smith

Brian Anthone

Calling any artist unique is trite, but there's something special about Brian Anthone that's difficult to quantify. This is a person that wants to be confrontational and understood. The cover image of his mixtape subtly exhibits a mix of pain, anger, and love. Anthone works in the use of a choir sound in some of the songs he produces like “Midnight Hour.". He is personal, lyrical and has jams that distort his voice. He's a filmmaker that's currently pursuing a graduate degree in journalism, but it seems he's got some of his own stories to tell. 

- Robert Warren

Header image photographed by Ellie Alonzo courtesy of Dome Dwellers
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