DAM AWARDS 2019: Song of the Year

Denton is full of creative minds. There are the artsy folks, the fashionista, the adventurous chefs and last but not least, aspiring singers and musicians. In 2018 different Denton artists and bands released music to create smooth tunes for us to jam to on the way to class and work.

Check out the nominees for Song of the Year, and then vote online.

“Rescue Me” by Katrina Cain

No rescuing needed after listening to this song. It’s the perfect song to listen to on a nice, sunny day when driving through Denton. If you’re searching for that feel good song to keep you motivated, look no further because you found it. This song has healing powers to bring out those good vibes within yourself. With the mixture of Katrina Cain’s soothing voice and the soft beat in the background, it all equals to a sweet song. This is the longest song nominated — a whopping four minutes and four seconds — but without a doubt is the best pick me up song.

“Okay” by Troy Garrick

The title of the song may be titled “Okay” but it is more than OK, issa vibe! Troy Garrick brought his A-game (doesn’t he always?) with this song, his voice, the lyrics and the beat. “Okay” can compete with the current songs being played on the radio with its beat and soulful vocals. All around, it’s a great song for when getting ready in the morning or for a party. Can be played anywhere, especially in the car with all of your friends. This song is super catchy and will have you singing the lyrics all day long.

“Cowgirl” by Hey Cowboy!

There may be a lack of lyrics in this track but that doesn’t mean there’s less of an experience. This groovy song takes you places with the both slow and uptempo rhythms and beats. “Cowgirl” is catchy and is unlike anything trending on the charts and what’s being played on radio stations. It sounds something out of the 70’s and will have you dancing in no time. I don’t recommend slapping someone in the face as the lyrics say to — “slap him in the face,” — but nevertheless this track is lit.

“No Telling” by Claire Morales

There’s no telling where you’ll going in life but there is telling this song will make you wanna get up off your feet and dance a little. This nominated song has an uplifting beat that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. The fun and lively lyrics are paired with Morales’ spunky voice. Other than her unique vocals, the song is heavily driven by the playing of drums and guitar creating a soft-rock sound. This song is great when hanging out with your crew and blasting on your portable speakers. No better way to have fun than to listen to “No Telling.”

“Numb Hand” by Sad Cops

Here’s a song for getting through a post-breakup mesh. “Numb Hand” has a mellow sound and tone that will work for any mood you’re experiencing but especially if you just got out of a relationship. With the lyrics mentioning finding happiness and wanting what’s best for yourself, it’s a reasonable song for getting past those heartbreak feelings we’ve subjected ourselves to since adolescence. Other lyrics in the song say “wasting your time,” but I can guarantee if you take a listen to this jam you won’t regret it, it’s worth all the time in the world while listening to on repeat.

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Header image by Garrett Smith