DAM AWARDS 2019: Best Experimental Act

Experimental music in Denton is the dark matter that’s interweaved through the fabric of Denton’s constantly changing music scene. Not only do these artists thrive in Denton, they make connections with musicians outside of Texas and gain recognition for their brazen talents. Here are the nominees for Best Experimental Act at this year’s DAM Awards


BAKA is the first official solo project from Sashenka Lopez, former member of Cuckoo Byrds, Orange Coax, and C!TR (Christian Teenage Runaway). She produces dancy electronic rhythms with drone-like spanish vocals. She also incorporates lyrics on controversial topics, such as politics and worldwide issues. BAKA can be heard via her Soundcloud.

Flesh Narc

An experimental noise rock trio that sometimes features special guests. Their two vocalists deliver peculiar and sometimes comedic lyrical hooks. Flesh Narc possesses a lot of experimental qualities, such as cassette tape sampling, blast beat percussion, and ambiguous lyrical hooks. They incorporate dancy drum machine elements, along with skronky and abrasive guitar melodies, upbeat and rhythmic bass lines, and blast beat percussion. Their latest release entitled Narc in The Park can be heard on their Bandcamp.

Manifest Destiny’s Child

This female fronted trio features the experimental elements of psych rock interwoven with dream-pop harmonious vocals. These women pack a punch when it comes to their intricate bass riffs and guitar melodies. Their tempo variations keep the audience engaged and make the crowd move. Manifest Destiny’s Child vocal stylings are poetic and somewhat abrasive. This trio can be heard on their Bandcamp.

Sexual Jeremy

Sexual Jeremy encapsulates a multitude of elements of experimental music, from their noisey and confrontational vocals, skronky guitar melodies, drone-like bass melodies, and blast beat percussion. As a band, Sexual Jeremy collectively delivers a twisted take on broken riffs and disaffected yelling. They had a really amazing year musically with their October release of their split EP entitled Sex Tape with the Virginia-based band COQ. They can be streamed and heard on their Bandcamp as well as Spotify and Soundcloud.

Sara Ruth

Sarah Ruth, a University of North Texas graduate where she focused on vocal studies and electroacoustic composition. She has also studied with Meredith Monk and members of her vocal ensemble. Recently, one of Ms. Alexander’s electroacoustic compositions was chosen for a performance celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia at the University of North Texas. A couple of months ago her second solo tape, The Shape of Blood To Come was released on Obsolete Media Objects. Ms. Alexander’s releases can be heard on her Bandcamp.

Header photo by Garrett Smith