DAM AWARDS 2019: Best Noise Act

The noise scene in Denton have been under the radar for quite sometime in Denton, due to the not so easy listening and unhinged nature of both genres. Despite your ignorance, these nominees have been flourishing in the Denton music scene for years, bringing Denton both strange and obscure music this year. Here are the contenders for 2019's Best Noise Act and Best Experimental Act.


Cereboso is audio engineer Michael Briggs’ solo project, and it is the embodiment of a noise act. He interweaves drone like synths, and static like walls of noise that play off of one another in a chaotic, yet ambient fashion. Cereboso can be described as avant-garde, experimental, and the best kind of weird. He also incorporates an abundance of reverb on his vocals that make the peculiar noises sound like they are coming from around you and not directly at you. Cereboso is an atmospheric experience unlike no other, leaving spectators with chills and goosebumps. If you have an affinity for strange, ambient, chaotic noise, then you will love Cereboso. His performances are like post modern art pieces, because he typically has someone stand very still with no facial expression in front of him, as if they are his performance bodyguard(s) while he performs. Cereboso’s most recent releases can be found via his Facebook page and Bandcamp.

Daniel Ryan

A brilliant collaborator and soloist when it comes to performing unconventional, post-modern artistic noise. Ryan incorporates an array of miscellaneous objects, electronics, and instruments into their performances. They are very unconventional when it comes to the type of performance that they deliver. Ryan always keeps the people guessing, thus keeping their audience fully immersed and engaged in their performances. Ryan has done many collaborations and solo performances over the years with the likes of Chase Gardner, Claire Rousay, Rebecca Novak, Michelle, etc. Recordings of Daniel Ryan’s live sets can be found on their Bandcamp.


Rob Buttrum's solo noise project Filth delivers industrial noise as a whole. Filth creates an atmosphere of chaos with his own personal soundsystem, and layering of drone cassette tapes. Buttrum emits esoteric power electronics infused with industrial noise for a weird and obscure listening experience. His most recent release entitled “No Workers Paradise,” an 8 cassette box set he collaborated on in 2017. Buttrum truly delivers a menacing cacophony of industrial noise and analog psychedelic compositions during his live performances. Filth can be heard on his Bandcamp.

Reliant K2

Reliant K2 encapsulates punk noise as a whole. Frontwoman, Cori Suma delivers an explosive energy while screaming and singing over punchy guitar and bass lines with heavy blast beat percussion. Their live shows are full of an infectious energy that gets any stubborn crowd moving. Reliant K2 delivers a new wave of noise with their bombastic energy. They are rhythmically precise in the way that they deliver their dancy, moving chord progressions. Reliant K2 is working towards their first album release in 2019, and can be found via their Facebook page.

Thin Skin

Thin skin, a punk noise trio that delivers skronky, fun, upbeat and energetic performances. They are the epitome of sloppy, noisey punk with unconventional lyrical hooks that easily get stuck in your head. They just dropped their latest release “I Stole this Off the Internet” in November this past year. Thin Skin’s releases can be found on their Bandcamp.

Header photo by Topher S.J.
Glitched by Mateo Granados